Pictures Poland & CEE Retail Summit 2023

Our picture sub-pages offer an extensive collection of pictures captured during the Poland & CEE Retail Summit 2023. If you are looking to relive the exciting moments from the event, the "Attendee" tab is the perfect place to start. Here, you can browse through pictures that will help you regain the feeling of what it was like to be part of a 2000 participant event.
If you want to see the pictures taken during the evening part of the event and the Retailer of the Year ceremony, head over to the "RotY / Evening" tab. For a comprehensive overview of all the sessions and stages, the other tabs on our platform provide a variety of pictures that cover the entire summit. We hope that browsing through the pictures of the speakers, moderators, and panelists in action will inspire you to join us on stage at next year's Poland & CEE Retail Summit.
On the "Main Commercial Stage" tab, you can review the pictures taken during the main stage sessions, where industry leaders shared their insights on the latest trends and challenges in retail. The "ESG track" tab covers pictures taken during the sessions focused on environmental, social, and governance issues in retail.
The "Supply Chain Stage" tab provides pictures taken during the sessions that covered supply chain management and logistics. For pictures taken during the eCommerce sessions, head over to the "eCommerce Stage" tab. Lastly, on the "Digital Innovation Stage" tab, you can review pictures taken during sessions that focused on the latest digital innovations in retail.